Did You Know We can……..

1. Print 20,820 black & white copies per hour ?
2.  Print 3,300 full color documents per hour?
3.  Print full color posters, signs & banners up to 44 inches wide & 8 feet long ?
4.  Print or copy architectural and engineering drawings up to 36 inches wide?
5.  Scan your B&W & Color engineering & architectural drawings to .pdf or .tif files?
6.  Scan your hard copy color or B&W documents to searchable .pdf files?
7.  Scan your hard copy color or B&W documents directly to editable Word files?
8.  Make saddle stitched booklets of up to 120 pages (most other printers can only do 80 pages)?
9.  Laminate, comb bind, coil bind, perfect bind, foamcore mount, fold, stuff and mail?
10.  Take care of your business card, letterhead & envelope needs?
11.  Pick up & deliver to your office right here in the business park?
12.  In most cases give you next day turn around on your print or copy projects?

Yup, we can!!

And did you know that . . .
13.  We’re located in The Denver West Office Park, Bldg. 1, Suite 105 ?
14.  We’ve been here for over 18 years?
15.  We’re an independently owned business so you always deal directly with the owners
(not a teenage employee)?
16.  We’re always looking for one more good customer and we hope it will be you?

So give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss your needs.
Our aim is to make it easy for you to do business with us! Just ask for Any & Evan.


Canvas Printing is Here!

by Tom on March 17, 2014

Here’s some exciting news!

12 X 16 photo printed on canvas & stretched over wood frame

12 X 16 photo printed on canvas & stretched over wood frame

We are now printing photos and other digital artwork directly to canvas. It’s a beautiful way of preserving your favorite photos, turning them into true works of art. With today’s archival canvas & inks these prints will easily maintain they’re color & brightness for generations, making them worthy of handing down to your children & grandchildren.

We print on OBA (Optical Brightening Agents) free canvas with pigmented inks for vibrant lifelike color that will truly last many lifetimes. It’s important to know that our canvas is OBA free because it’s common for cheaper canvas to include OBA additives to artificially enhance colors & white tones which later discolor and yellow as the canvas is exposed to UV light (a sign which indicates the canvas has started the process of degradation).

Notice the strong corner bracing to assure you that the canvas will maintain it's well stretched appearance for years to come.

Notice the strong corner bracing to assure you that the canvas will maintain it’s well stretched appearance for years to come.

We stretch your printed canvas over a stout 1.75″ deep  wooden frame  for a most impressive final piece of art. Take a look at the picture here of an actual canvas print we printed & stretched over the 1.75″ deep frame.  As you can see our frames are strong and well braced assuring you that your canvas print will remain “drum tight”  stretched over our 1.75 inch deep frame.



February 18, 2014
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Booklet Binding

January 29, 2014

Booklets What is Saddle-Stitching Anyhow? Booklet style binding, also called saddle stitching or the self cover booklet, is a great method for binding Bulletins, Newsletters, Training Manuals, Instruction booklets, Programs and Product Manuals. With booklet style printing the document is printed with 4 pages to a sheet of paper, 2 on the front side and […]

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offset printing

January 10, 2014

we do offset printing for business cards, envelopes, letterheads and more, just call for a quote.

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Pardon our dust!

January 8, 2014

We’ve got a new website underway, let us know your thoughts!

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