What is Saddle-Stitching Anyhow?

Booklet style binding, also called saddle stitching or the self cover booklet, is a great method for binding Bulletins, Newsletters, Training Manuals, Instruction booklets, Programs and Product Manuals. With booklet style printing the document is printed with 4 pages to a sheet of paper, 2 on the front side and 2 on the back side. All the printed sheets are then collated together, stapled in the middle and folded in half to form a booklet. The edges are trimmed to finish the booklet. Booklet style binding is relatively inexpensive but a very effective style of binding.

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Our Booklet Binder can bind up to a 120 page booklet and also offers a “Box Fold” on the spine to allow the booklet to lay flat.

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